A Methodology Of Being And Beauty
Morphological Analysis, MEIMA Technology and Natural Products.

Research carried out by the Sintyl Laboratory in Geneva gave birth to the Methode Physiodermie, a new skin care concept specifically adapted to every type of skin which will allow you to achieve visible and lasting results. As a result of its innovative concept combining morphologies, natural products and the MEIMA, Methode Physiodermie is greatly contributing to the future evolution of beauty care.

Our Mission

We all know that a successful spa and medical spa is the result of a coordinated effort of diverse people, skills, and passions. Our vision for the spa industry is that we as suppliers move beyond simply selling products and be in a position to facilitate your success by acting as your partner, and contributing our commercial and human resources to your effort for success.

As a partner with your business, it is our goal to embody the four core attributes of any successful business relationship; trust, results, understanding, and education. We endeavor to earn your trust by combining with our dedication to produce results by understanding your vision and services with the best education in the industry to date. This is our mission, our promise to ourselves, and most importantly our promise to you as our valued partner.

An Overview

The Sintyl Laboratory

Methode Physiodermie is the fruit of Sintyl Laboratory researches. Thanks to this innovative concept combining morphological analysis, MEIMA technology and natural products, Methode Physiodermie contributes to achieving real lasting and customized results.

Personalized Care

Based on morphological predominance analysis as well as manual application technique, Methode Physiodermie was designed to meet specific needs of each woman to ensure individualized and targeted care.

Significant Results

A complete range of products is offered to satisfy the most challenging demands of today's clientele. Experience has shown that Physiodermie treatments give clients an immediate sense of well-being and more importantly, significant results.

Why Choose Methode Physiodermie Skin Care?
  • Manufactured according to high standards of the Swiss Pharmaceutical industry
  • Research and selection of natural ingredients of highest quality
  • Select botanical extracts
  • High concentrations of therapeutic essential oils
  • Hypoallergenic skincare products
  • Tested under dermatological control
  • Personalized treatments and products
Physiodermie's 'Must Have' Products
  • Stabilizing Lotion (pH)
  • Soft Face Bio-Peeling
  • Shower Hydrating Milk (SL) (Sensitive)
  • Deep Cleansing Milk
  • Anti-Redness Emulsion*
  • Sensitive Skin Cream
  • Optimum Lift Cream
  • Regenerating Oil
  • Anti-Brown Marks Micro-Emulsion*
  • Intensive Care Revitalizing Cream